Eric Berg, President

Who are you; family, where you grew up, what you do when you’re not riding?

Married to my wife Julie for 20 years.  We live in Middlebury with our 3 Children, Ellen, Anna and Matthew.  I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio where I got into mountain biking in the early 1990’s.  When I am not riding I am either at work, spending time with family or pursuing other sports depending on the season (alpine and nordic skiing, hiking, water skiing and wakeboarding).

Are you involved in other organizations?

I currently volunteer on 2 boards at my Church and have coached my sons soccer team for 3 seasons.

What is your favorite trail/place to ride in Addison county?

My favorite place to ride in Addison County is hands down is my own back yard, Battell Woods, the single track is some of the best that I have ridden.  Although there are plenty of expert level trails, one of my goals for ACBC is to create trails that are more interesting in Battell Woods for the beginner and intermediate rider.

How long have you been mountain biking?

24 years

How often do you ride? 

In the peak summer and fall months I ride about 5-6 times a week.  This year I hope to continue to ride a bit throughout the winter on my fatbike.

Do you race?

I have never raced.  Mountain biking has never been about competition for me.

What do you ride and/or how many bikes do you own?

My current set  up is a BMC Trailfox – Dream Bike.  I took Warren Millers advice – If you don’t do it now, next year you will just be one year older.

My bike quiver includes…

Town Bike – old hard tail with road slicks, rack and baskets.  It can carry 2 cases.

Trek road bike

Norco fat bike

In my garage are 6 other bikes for the rest of the family.  No room for cars.


What inspired you to mtn bike?

Mountain Biking was a natural progression for me.  As a kid I love riding BMX trails on my huffy (never had enough money for a redline). When I was 12, I finally saved enough money for a new bike.   I needed a good  bike for commuting to my job as a caddy a few miles away so I bought a Schwinn road bike.  That opened up a new world for me in terms of freedom to explore.  I put a lot of miles on that bike.   When I was 19 a friend in college got a Ross Mountain bike and it just spoke to me.  2 years later I finally got a Univega mountain bike (no suspension and bullhorn handle bars).  At that time there were places to ride in the Cleveland area, now it is all strip malls and housing developments.

What gets you through that really hard ride?

What usually gets me through a really hard ride is the necessity to make it bake home or the car.  If on the Leicester Hollow trail, it is the swarms of mosquitos that attack the second you slow down.

What do you hope to contribute as a member of ACBC?

As a member of the ACBC board, my goal is to create a sustainable strategic plan for riding in Addison County.  It is my  hope that as enthusiasm for ACBC gains traction, we will be able to tap into the resources that are available like other VMBA chapters have done.  There are significant state and federal funds as well as grants from VMBA available to mountain bike chapters, it just requires a bit of organization and perserverance.  ACBC is unique as we are the only VMBA chapter that has mountain bike trails on private, local, state and federal land.

Share a cool, funny or bizarre story you had while riding.

I was recently in Cleveland and went to Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike  A very unique experience.  If you are ever traveling through Cleveland or Milwaukee, I highly recommend checking it out.  Although it is rated on the IMBA top 100, I will take riding in Addison county any day.