Cole Ellison, Middlbury College Liaison (read more)

Who are you; family, where you grew up, what you do when you’re not riding? 

My name is Cole Ellison, and I grew up in Camden, Maine. I am a senior Math major at Middlebury College. When not on trails or studying, I can be found rock climbing and skiing on Vermont’s mountains.

Are you involved in other organizations?

I am a member of the college’s Cycling Club and Bike Shop. During the winter, I am a member of the Snow Bowl Ski Patrol and college Telemark Club.

What is your favorite trail/place to ride in Addison county?

I’m partial to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on the backside of Chipman Hill.

How long have you been mountain biking? 

I have been mountain biking since 2008 when I participated in a summer youth race series in seventh grade. Ever since then, I’ve been racing all over New England and beyond when possible.

How often do you ride? 

I typically ride four to five days per week most of the year.

Do you race? 

I race road, mountain, and cyclocross depending on the season.

What do you ride and/or how many bikes do you own? 

I ride a carbon Scott 29er hardtail, though I am most proud of my jerry-rigged steel 26er single speed that I ride around campus. I also have a road and a cross bike.

What inspired you to mtn bike?

My earliest memory is of seeing my father coming down the hill of Ascutney Resort for the finish of the Vermont 50 mountain bike race. Since then, I had always wanted to join my dad on the trails and took to it as soon as I could.

What gets you through that really hard ride?

I believe that suffering opens a path to yourself. I seek out hard rides as a challenge of spirit.

What do you hope to contribute as a member of ACBC?

I hope to increase college student engagement in the Addison County mountain bike scene by leveraging my connections to the college. I would like to see consistent student involvement in trail days and group rides.