Leicester Hollow Trail

The Leicester Hollow Trail winds through ferns at the bottom of the hollow. - Photo by Adam Franco

Winding through the ferns.
– Photo by Adam Franco

The Leicester Hollow Trail begins at the south end of Silver Lake and winds south along the bottom of the lush, fern-blanked Leicester Hollow before slowly climbing the side of the ridge to join the Minnie Baker Trail.

Heading south, the first half of the trail is a beginner-friendly romp through the woods –just be wary of the small wooden bridges hidden in the tall ferns.

After crossing to the west side of the creek over a wooden bridge, the trail becomes much more technical as it alternately climbs the hillside and drops back to the creek through boulder fields. Care should be taken when wet as the moss-covered rocks can be very slick.

The trail can be ridden either direction, but is easiest and fastest ridden north to south.



Trail-heads and parking

Silver Lake Trail-head (North end of trail)Take Lake Dunmore Road (Route 53) south from Branbury State Park. 0.3 miles after the park entrance is the Silver Lake Trail-head on the left (east) side of the highway.

To get to the Leicester Hollow trail, climb the double-track to Silver Lake, then continue around the east shore of the lake on the campground access trail.

Minnie Baker Trail-head (South end of trail)
Take Lake Dunmore Road (Route 53) 3.8 miles south from Branbury State Park, or 1.75 miles north of VT-73 in Forest Dale. The US Forest Service trail-head is on the east side of the highway.

To get to the Leicester Hollow trail, climb the double-track Minnie Baker Trail over the ridge, then look to the left several-hundred feet past the top of the ridge, before the trail bends to the right.

Trail Rules

See: IMBA Rules of the Trail