In the late 1990s, a small group of motivated community members and local riders banded together to form the Middlebury Bike Club with the goals of establishing trails in and around Middlebury and growing the sport of mountain biking in Addison County. Early members, including Jim Arnold, Chas Lyons, Pete Wagner, and Scott Malory, helped with several projects which included establishing many sections of the TAM and aiding in the construction of the Boat House and Arnold bridges spanning the Otter Creek. As the club became more established it became a chapter of VMBA (Vermont Mountain Bike Association). Over the years original members moved and/or took on other responsibilities and there was a period of relative inactivity. In 2015, the Club was revived by Eric Berg along with a new group of motivated community members. Wanting to be more inclusive with the surrounding communities, the club was renamed ACBC (Addison County Bike Club). The club has nearly 200 members and helps maintain over 40 miles of trails around Middlebury, Bristol, Vergennes, Ripton, and the Moosalamoo Recreation Area.

Our Mission

As a chapter of VMBA (Vermont Mountain Bike Association),  ACBC works harmoniously with local landowners and state-owned forests to build and maintain trails while preserving the integrity of the forest and its natural growth.

Our Vision

In addition to trail building, maintenance and signage we also hope to offer all riders of Addison county an opportunity to connect with each other with group rides, trail work days, clinics and safety programs for the next generation of riders.

Board Of Directors:

  • George Lawrence, President
  • Ashar Nelson, Vice President
  • Carl Robinson, Treasurer
  • Andrew Hirsch, Secretary and Middlebury Manager
  • Seth Beck, Bristol Manager
  • Eric Berg
  • Ben Hatch, Vergennes Manager
  • Alan Hebert
  • Sue Hoxie, Administrator
  • Meridith McFarland
  • Membership Coordinator- OPEN
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