Moosalamoo National Recreation Area

Wanna ride? You have come to the right place. The Moosalamoo National Recreation Area (MNRA) offers some awesome trails for riders. It is highly recommended that you expect a challenging ride and prepare accordingly.

A few years ago the US Forest Service, in partnership with Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) and Vermont Youth Conservation Corp crews completed the new Chandler Ridge/Leicester Hollow loop. This 10-mile loop offers great views of Silver Lake and Lake Dunmore and is a gorgeous ride through fern-covered Leicester Hollow.

To read more about the collaboration between VMBA and the USFS to bring sustainably-built trails to the Moosalamoo NRA, read a recent article in Seven Days.

Please note, that mountain bikes are limited to trails specifically designated and signed as open to mountain bikes and Forest Service Roads open to vehicular travel. To ensure long-term access, please respect trail designations.

Trails Within MNRA:

  • Chatfield Loop: A sweet 12.5 mile round trip loop in the northern part of the MNRA.
  • Minnie Baker: The trail climbs steeply in several pitches from VT Route 53 and then descends to the Leicester Hollow Trail on a long downgrade with a hairpin turn. The length is 1.2 miles and maximum elevation change is 800 feet. Average ride time is 3/4 to 1 hour. (This trail provides access to the Leicester Hollow/Chandler Ridge ride loop.)
  • Leicester Hollow: The trail follows Leicester Hollow Brook and crosses it many times as it ascends easily to Silver Lake. The trail ends at the Silver Lake Trail, near the dam. The maximum elevation change is 250 feet and average ride time is 2-2 1/2 hours. Return the way you came, or via Chandler Ridge Trail, which begins off the Silver Lake Loop Trail on the west side of Silver Lake.
  • Chandler Ridge: The trail follows a ridge with gentle grades and has views to the east and west and meets the Leicester Hollow Trail at 4.8 miles. Elevation change over Chandler Ridge is 720 feet.
  • Water Tower Trails (Sundown Trail): This is a system of interconnected trails. The Sundown Loop, accessible from FR 32, is marked by trail intersection number 2-3.
  • Campground Loop and Pump Track: Head to the Moosalamoo Campground for an easy beginner-friendly loop around the campground. Also, within the center of the camp is a small pump track.
  • Grand Tour: A point-to-point, north/south meander through MNRA. The 14 miles of trail unifies and expands the trail network between the Branbury State Park, Widow’s Clearing, and Moosalamoo Campground. The route highlights the diversity and wildness of MNRA on what is mostly intermediate single-track, though there are sections of U.S. Forest Service roads (FR32), which includes the only uphill climb of any significance (a modest 3-mile grunt) on a well-maintained gravel road. The Grand Tour is old-school point-to-point mountain biking that is more of a trek through the woods than single-track riding on groomed trails. In fact, there are no groomed features on these trails. There’s mud, rocky stretches, small stream beds and a spot or two where intermediate riders may walk their bikes for a 100-yards or so, but most of it is easy to negotiate and a true backwoods adventure.
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