ACBC Board Meeting: June 2022 Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2022, 7 p.m. In person: Frog Hollow Bikes, Middlebury Board Members: George Lawrence- President Ashar Nelson, Moosalamoo Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail Manager Alan Hebert Carl Robinson, Treasurer Seth Beck, Bristol  Scott Hardy, Vergennes Merideth McFarland Eric Berg Sue Hoxie, Administrator Bold indicated people in attendance NOTE: There was not a quorum at this meeting, so no votes were made.  Others in Attendance:  None REGULAR BUSINESS President’s Report George represented ACBC at the trail day clinic at Hard’ack on June 4. It was hosted by the Franklin County MTB Club and VMBA and taught by Sinuosity (Brooke Scatchard and Mariah Keagy). The focus was on how to organize better and more effective trail days, and what steps to take to solve problems on the trails. There were 20 people from eight chapters. It was fun to catch up with bikers from other areas, and the Hard’ack trails were surprisingly good.  George joined the VMBA trail counter committee. VMBA is exploring the idea of starting a trail counter loaner program. Nine people, plus Nick Bennette, on the committee Counters typically count people or bikes, but not both. Two counters are needed for both. VMBA wanted to understand what chapters might want, and what some chapters are doing currently (Slate Valley and Stowe are counting now, for example) Costs are high EcoCounters (pyrobox = $3-4K, MULTI = $7-8K) TrafX (VEH or IR, $2500/3, $600 ea.) Maybe consider trail cameras if we want to count? Cheaper, but maybe privacy concerns? What would we do with the data? Stowe has counters. Can see where people are going. We could see where trails are underutilized.  Sue to ask USFS if they permit trail counters on FS land.  Treasurer’s Report Carl was unable to provide a report due to difficulty logging into the bank account. Carl will open an account at NBMVT.  Sue reviewed past meeting minutes and it was decided at the April board meeting that Carl Robinson, George Lawrence, and Ashar Nelson should be signatories on the new National Bank of Middlebury account.  Membership Report (Activity from 5/16/22 to 6/21/22) New memberships (1) Individual  (0) Family of 2 (1) Family of 3 (1) Family of 4 (2) U25 Returning memberships (7) Individual (1) Family of 2 (1) Family of 3 (0) Family of 4 (0) Family of 5 80 memberships 154 total members Post meeting, Sue ran a membership report. In 2021, ACBC had: 56 memberships 114 total members Andrew asked if the club can comp memberships to landowners such as Jeremy Parker, Jill Kopel, and Skimmer Heller. George to contact VMBA–they may already have a program in place.  Social Media Report – Alan Hebert Facebook metrics are all trending in the right direction.  Engagement is up on that channel. I have been slightly lacking on Instagram.  Need more photos to make an impact. Seth has uploaded photos to the shared Google folder. Post meeting, Sue sent the link to board members again.  Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew Hirsch Landowner says OK to sign Megawatt trail.  Carl has done work on Megawatt and High Power trails. Trails are riding great. No blowdowns from […]

ACBC Board Meeting: May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Board Members: George Lawrence- President Ashar Nelson, Moosalamoo Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail Manager Alan Hebert Carl Robinson, Treasurer Seth Beck, Bristol  Scott Hardy, Vergennes Merideth McFarland Eric Berg Sue Hoxie, Administrator Bold indicated people in attendance Others in Attendance:  Sam Marshall, Midd College. Jon Bowdish. Rob Wheland,  Andy McIntosh REGULAR BUSINESS President’s Report Sam Marshall, our Middlebury College ‘22 representative, presented a proposal to sign the trails on Chipman Hill to the Battell Trust Board.  Sam met with Battell Trust trustees (Tony & Caleb Kenna) last Friday with mixed reaction. Sam had made maps, discussed what it would entail to place signs on trails. Sam suggested it would help people get around the trails. Trail names are the sticking point; not necessarily the idea of signs. Sam is graduating but there may be a couple of other students to pick up the project. Signing the trails would create a more established relationship between Battell Trust and ACBC.  The trails can be tricky and easy to get lost. Trail signage would be helpful for safety and convenience. Trails could just be colored; not named. Having an identifier would be helpful. ACBC has tried before and Battell trustees have been opposed. Have discussed safety signage and trail names for all users.  Next steps: George will set up meeting with Tony and the Battell board. Sam: ACBC to decide what the priorities are?  Names were created during ACBC board meetings a couple of years ago. Concern that If trails are signed it would make them more welcome to MTBs and less inviting walkers and hikers.  Treasurer’s Report April Bank Statement – Balance $14,413.47 Debits = $725.00 (Maple Marketing – Sue Hoxie $720) and $5 bank fees Credits = $1,147.50 (membership) Membership Report (Activity from 4/18/22 to 5/15/22) New memberships (1) Individual  (1) Family of 2 (1) U25 Returning memberships (7) Individual (2) Family of 2 (2) Family of 3 (4) Family of 4 (1) Family of 5 66 memberships 132 total members Social Media Report – Alan Hebert Several posts on Facebook and a couple on Insta. FB stats: reach is up 10%. Likes up 100%. Views up 13% and we are gaining new followers (up by 250%) Need pictures of April’s and May’s workdays to add content. Sue will create shared folder on Google. George & Seth will post pictures from April there. Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew Hirsch The workday was very successful and all the trails are riding really well.  Wet areas have dried completely. The spring ephemerals are in abundance and you should all check out the trillium! The Washington St. Ext. bridge has been repaired by an anonymous person.  It works quite well and could last for many years.  How does the board feel about replacing it with a new one that matches the rest of the bridges?  Tying the circuit together with a common bridge does have advantages. – circle back with Marc Lapin. Andrew to follow up with Marc. If he knows what happened and does it meet Marc’s guidelines? The 5/21 workday is coming up and there are three sawyers prepared to clear downfall on […]

ACBC Board Meeting: April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 19 2022, 7 p.m. Held via Zoom Board Members: George Lawrence- President Ashar Nelson, Moosalamoo Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail Manager Alan Hebert Carl Robinson, Treasurer Seth Beck, Bristol  Scott Hardy, Vergennes Merideth McFarland Eric Berg Sue Hoxie, Administrator Bold indicated people in attendance Others in Attendance: None REGULAR BUSINESS President’s Report We had a successful trail day on Saturday 4/16 in Middlebury. Ten people split into three teams to work on different areas of the network: Chipman Hill, Megawatt, and Battell Woods. A few people stayed for beers & chips afterward. Ashar commented that people are riding alternate routes in some sections. We need to deal with it–making a mess of some sections. Talk to Andrew about it. Might need a concerted effort to rake the line.  10 volunteers worked 4 hours each: George Lawrence, Ashar Nelson, Carl Robinson, Joe Carrara,  Ben Cook, Aiden Chance, Jacob, Jeremy Parker, Jake, Andrew Hirsch Treasurer’s Report March Bank Statement Balance = $14,413.47 Deposits = $510.00 (memberships) Expenses = $157.67 (ACBC Stickers, Survey and bank fees) In order to set up a bank account at National Bank of Middlebury we need it stated in our meeting minutes who the signers are for the account.   Scott Hardy made a motion to list himself, George Lawrence and Ashar Nelson as signatories on the new National Bank of Middlebury account. Seth Beck seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.  Membership Report (Updates 3/7/22 – 4/18/22) Returning (17) Individual (4) Family of 2 (3) Family of 3 (4) Family of 4 New (3) Individual () Family of 4  (1) Family of 5 Total memberships: 47 Total members: 90 Social Media Report – Alan Hebert From 3/21 to 4/11 Facebook: 6 posts and 1 event (workday) – engagement is solid and we are starting to slowly get a few more followers at a pace of about 1-2/week.  We don’t have a lot of activity/actions so engagement, reach etc. are just too small to mention.  One activity skews the numbers way off Instagram: Two posts both about workdays.  Have captured a few new followers and were tagged in a post about bikes donated by local motion If someone can take some shots of the workday it would be appreciated.  Emailing them over is best as I have some bigger files to work with on creating other posts. Also, let me know if anyone is opposed to some edits on the FB page.  The pic could be refreshed, the cause edited a bit etc. Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew Hirsch Trails Report Moosalamoo – Ashar Nelson: Dave Nulsen (USFS) presented the connector route at the 4/6 small projects day. No major flags were thrown. Specialists from Botany, Wetlands, and Archeology will review the proposal in more depth, including limited on-site investigations in specific areas. Dave and Tom Lepesquer are going out this week to flag the northern section. Ashar, Beth (Elisason, MA Board) are going out with Tom to flag the southern section in early May. Ashar has been tasked with obtaining landowner permission for crossing the one inholding along the proposed route. Sue has contacted USFS; waiting to hear back. Ashar […]

ACBC Board Meeting: March 2022 meeting minutes

March 15, 2022, 7 p.m. In-person:  Frog Hollow Bikes, Middlebury Board Members: George Lawrence- President Ashar Nelson, Moosalamoo Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail Manager Alan Hebert Carl Robinson, Treasurer Seth Beck, Bristol  Scott Hardy, Vergennes (via Zoom) Merideth McFarland Eric Berg Sue Hoxie, Administrator Bold indicated people in attendance Others in Attendance: Erik Remsen, Jon Bowdish REGULAR BUSINESS President’s Report: No report–traveling Treasurer’s Report Checking account balance $14,061.14 February Statement Income = $810 – $420 from the Fat Bike Roundup, $390 from membership Expenses = $150 – paying food vendor for the Fat Bike Roundup event The club has been having issues with logging onto the People’s United website and linking the account with different platforms such as PayPal.  The club is also charged a monthly fee of $5 (Analysis activity fee) each month.  Eric and Carl proposed that ACBC move its funds to the National Bank of Middlebury, which will hopefully be easier to work with. No funds were reported on the bank statement from the PayPal account.  Carl is working on getting access to this. Carl is also in the process of setting up the process to pay Sue through VMBA’s payroll program.   Motion: Ashar moved that the club move its banking to the National Bank of Middlebury. Alan Hebert seconded. Unanimously approved.  Membership Report (Since 2/7/22) Returning (2) Individual (1) Family of 2 (2) Family of 4 New (1) Individual (1) Family of 4  Per Sue: the reports from VMBA don’t identify non renewals. Sue will create a membership renewal email for ACBC members as memberships renew on April 1st.  Sue will reach out to MTBers in Brandon– Karl Fjeld, Bill Moore, Marty Feldman. Social Media Report – Alan: Alan posted 5x; Sue 1x during the month. Engagement is positive and the club needs to be consistently posting, tying into the club’s programming e.g. events, work days, “don’t be the guy riding in the mud”—essentially an annual communications plan.  Is ACBC’s FB account tied to Instagram? Alan will verify. Request from TAM and MALT for spring cleaning event. Potentially a volunteer work day.  Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew: A few trees down. Done for a while. Jeff Taylor will work with us on TrailForks. Post something on FB that trails are closed, but will be rideable soon e.g. south face of Chipman. Club members go out first and not post it. Respectful safe, don’t ride in the mud.  Trails Report Moosalamoo- Ashar: Moving the connector trail through USFS’s small projects day scheduled for early April. More design work needs to be done and tighten up the budget. Builder (Tom Lepesqueur) doesn’t have time until 2023, though there’s a possibility that he could start it in the fall. The work that Tom has done has been great so far and the trails reflect his “personality”. A half-mile of the connector trail runs concurrently with a VAST trail.  The desire is to have VAST enter into an agreement with the FS to upgrade that portion of the trail because it’ll be too expensive for ACBC to come up with the match.  Trails Report Bristol – Seth: Nothing new to report […]

ACBC MONTHLY BOARD MEETING: May 2021 Meeting Minutes

Board Members: Carl Robinson, President Ashar Nelson, Treasurer Andrew Hirsch, Trail Manager Ariel Kent, Marketing Jeff Taylor, Trail Manager Seth Beck, Bristol  Scott Hardy, Vergennes Merideth Mcfarland- Bristol Eric Berg Open Seats: Membership Midd College Liaison Others in Attendance: Eli Madden REGULAR BUSINESS Eli Madden spoke about ongoing concerns that he has had regarding communication, trail work and membership feedback.  Eli and the board spent the first half of the meeting discussing these challenges.  These Included: Better Communication and “surveying” the community for input on trail work and management Further in advance notice of upcoming trail days More input from the community on trail management Fall voting for open board seats President’s Report –  Means wood- a  VMBA Covid safety  sign has been removed.  No bikes are allowed in Means Woods therefore a VMBA sign is not needed according to Cindy Hil, an acting trustee for the parcel. The trail will be taken down from Trailforks. Battell trust- ACBC has been in communication about trailwork.   Malt- John Derrick has been applying wood chips in wet areas in Wright park. Dutton Property- Town looking to purchase.  ACBC would like to participate in the planning for this parcel regardless of who purchases the property.  Both High Power and Megawatt exist there.  A work day was approved by the board to take place on MTB trails at the Rikert Touring Center.  Chaz Lyons will be in touch about the proposed work and timing. Treasurer’s Report –   Our back account is currently at $12,018.85 Membership Report  Memberships are rolling in. There are 124 members at this point. Social Media Report – All things Digital. Ariel will check to see that the membership email list will be updated monthly. Ariel will do a blast in May to members. Ariel will connect with Andrew to  post meeting minutes from the past. Trails Report Middlebury–  Bridges were installed on the last work day.  All three are currently in place in the Battell Woods. There is a tree down in Murdoch woods on Crown Royal. Andrew will clean it up. Eli would like to move gravel to the wet areas of the TAM in Battell.  ACBC will connect with the Battell Trust to see if gravel can be dropped off.   Trails Report Moosalamoo –  Hours needed!  June work day?  We don’t want to get behind on our responsibilities.  Scouting still needed for the trail to Silver Lake from Moosalamoo campground. Ashar will sign an MOU between the USFS and ACBC.  This MOU acknowledges that ACBC is responsible for donating hours of trail work.  ACBC board members second the motion. There are some Oakridge Trail blowdowns. Trails Report Bristol –  New Leaf is dry.  Great progress on the field trail has been made.  Next steps on making trails open will be to meet with the land owners.  Single track climb up is the next step.  Beginner friendly trails coming.  Wed night informal rides.  Second sat of each month there is a build and ride day.  Work begins at 10:00. Trails Report Vergennes–  Scott is going forward with the DRB for a  parking lot.   Events Female group rides. will […]