ACBC Board Meeting: April 2022 Meeting Minutes

April 19 2022, 7 p.m.

Held via Zoom

Board Members:

George Lawrence- PresidentAshar Nelson, Moosalamoo
Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail ManagerAlan Hebert
Carl Robinson, TreasurerSeth Beck, Bristol 
Scott Hardy, VergennesMerideth McFarland
Eric BergSue Hoxie, Administrator

Bold indicated people in attendance

Others in Attendance: None


President’s Report

We had a successful trail day on Saturday 4/16 in Middlebury. Ten people split into three teams to work on different areas of the network: Chipman Hill, Megawatt, and Battell Woods. A few people stayed for beers & chips afterward.

Ashar commented that people are riding alternate routes in some sections. We need to deal with it–making a mess of some sections. Talk to Andrew about it. Might need a concerted effort to rake the line. 

10 volunteers worked 4 hours each: George Lawrence, Ashar Nelson, Carl Robinson, Joe Carrara, 

Ben Cook, Aiden Chance, Jacob, Jeremy Parker, Jake, Andrew Hirsch

Treasurer’s Report

March Bank Statement Balance = $14,413.47

Deposits = $510.00 (memberships)

Expenses = $157.67 (ACBC Stickers, Survey and bank fees)

In order to set up a bank account at National Bank of Middlebury we need it stated in our meeting minutes who the signers are for the account.  

Scott Hardy made a motion to list himself, George Lawrence and Ashar Nelson as signatories on the new National Bank of Middlebury account. Seth Beck seconded the motion. Unanimously approved. 

Membership Report (Updates 3/7/22 – 4/18/22)

  • Returning
    • (17) Individual
    • (4) Family of 2
    • (3) Family of 3
    • (4) Family of 4
  • New
    • (3) Individual
    • () Family of 4 
    • (1) Family of 5
  • Total memberships: 47
  • Total members: 90

Social Media Report – Alan Hebert

From 3/21 to 4/11

Facebook: 6 posts and 1 event (workday) – engagement is solid and we are starting to slowly get a few more followers at a pace of about 1-2/week.  We don’t have a lot of activity/actions so engagement, reach etc. are just too small to mention.  One activity skews the numbers way off

Instagram: Two posts both about workdays.  Have captured a few new followers and were tagged in a post about bikes donated by local motion

If someone can take some shots of the workday it would be appreciated.  Emailing them over is best as I have some bigger files to work with on creating other posts.

Also, let me know if anyone is opposed to some edits on the FB page.  The pic could be refreshed, the cause edited a bit etc.

Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew Hirsch

Trails Report Moosalamoo – Ashar Nelson: Dave Nulsen (USFS) presented the connector route at the 4/6 small projects day. No major flags were thrown. Specialists from Botany, Wetlands, and Archeology will review the proposal in more depth, including limited on-site investigations in specific areas. Dave and Tom Lepesquer are going out this week to flag the northern section. Ashar, Beth (Elisason, MA Board) are going out with Tom to flag the southern section in early May. Ashar has been tasked with obtaining landowner permission for crossing the one inholding along the proposed route.

Sue has contacted USFS; waiting to hear back. Ashar may do some saw work this coming weekend. 

Trails Report BristolSeth Beck: The main uphill and downhill trails at New Leaf have been cleared of all debris and leaves (thank you Jay). All the downhill berms have been reworked and repaired. Trails have been draining nicely and after this snow melts should be good to go. Lead trail builder Dan Forrest, has started the major work on the new beginner-friendly trail from the mid-station to the field. This trail is laid out to flow smoothly, maximizing the available terrain. He has already made progress, aided greatly by an excavator provided by Averi Smith Construction. We will try to get another mini excavator in this spring to do the major dirt work and then will have a few trail days to shape out the trail. Need trail names and signage.

Trails Report Vergennes – Scott Hardy:  Jon Kidde helped clear deadfall this spring. Still working with town on parking; MOU with City and Rec Committee. Does Rec Committee assume management and maintenance?  Will explore more on ways to bridge the City+ACBC+Rec Committee.  Possible option vs parking might be a pump track to use the Grant $.


  • 5/21: Moosalamoo. Besides blown-downs Chandler Ridge doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. More benefit working on Grand Tour wet spots. Meet up at 8:30. Ashar to let Sue know meeting locations. 

Special Projects 

  • Middlebury Pump Track: Erik presented proposal to the rec committee. Location discussed–next to the pool. Approval from committee for site location. Fenced, safety concerns. Go ahead from P&R Committee. Next step is to present the proposal to the selectboard. Erik needs to get more solid numbers on cost; crowdfunding needed to cover costs. Sue to forward Erik Remsen’s contact info to Seth. Sue to suggest Erik apply for a Walter Cerf grant.


  • Plans for an annual get together, e.g. Marquis Theatre? Previously done in May. BYOB, food. Bike video playing on screen. Short meeting to talk about activities, membership. Have had group rides prior to the event. Someone from VMBA should be there to sign up new members. Giveaways. Thursday night? Ride @ 5:30-6:30 pm; meet @ 6:30 pm. SH to follow up with Marquis. 
  • Grant application for Walter Cerf Community Fund – the board chose not to submit a grant this year, but keep it in mind for 2023. 
    • Small requests: $500 – $5K. Large requests: Up to $25K
    • Addison County and Brandon
    • Priority interests are the arts, education, historic preservation, and social services, reflecting the pattern of giving established by Mr. Cerf over many years. Within these issue areas, there is a strong desire to support work that addresses the needs of underserved populations. The WCCF prefers proposals that encourage cooperation, collaboration, and community building.
    • Due June 21, 2022
    • $4k funds for Vergennes – put towards pump track vs. parking? Vergennes pump track a possibility for 2023 Cerf grant app
  • Adaptive trails survey for VMBA – 40” wide. Keep in mind while we ride; try to identify some trails over the next couple of months. Falls of Lana trail; flow trail at Moosalamoo. Most of Campground Trail.  Each trail caption will be responsible for submitting his section to the survey. e.g. Ashar will submit the appropriate trails within Moosalamoo NRA. 
  • VMBA requests (see separate email from Krysy Steckler)
    • Trail signage order – submit by 5/1. No interest from group.
    • Host 2022 Trail Clinic – submit by 4/28. Not enough horsepower. 
  • Replace bridge at Washington Street Access: Andrew Hirsch has been working on this. The college owns land; old bridge. Andrew has permission from the college to replace the bridge. 10-12 feet long. Plans for a work party and drop the bridge into place. Timing unknown. 


May 17, 2022, 7 pm  

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