ACBC Board Meeting: January 2023 Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2023, 7 p.m.

Frog Hollow Bikes, Middlebury

Board Members:

George Lawrence- PresidentAshar Nelson, Moosalamoo
Andrew Hirsch, Middlebury Trail ManagerAlan Hebert
Carl Robinson, TreasurerSeth Beck, Bristol 
Ben Hatch, VergennesMerideth McFarland
Eric BergSue Hoxie, Administrator
Alex Takoudes, Middlebury College

Bold indicated people in attendance

Others in Attendance:  Stu Bennett, Waltham resident


  1. Approve meeting minutes from November 15: Sue didn’t circulate November’s minutes in advance, so approval will be on the next meeting’s agenda. 

President’s Report

  1. Pump track: We have exceeded our fundraising goal of $6000 (we are are currently at $6628), aiming to raise an additional $2000 for bike racks and netting to keep soccer balls out of the pump track
  2. VMBA 2022 Naming Grant: We won the $3500 grant from Ranch Camp to buy a Snowdog. Land Air is holding one for us while they fabricate the grooming attachments. A hitch rack to transport the Dog has been ordered. Logos from ACBC and Ranch Camp will be applied to the Snowdog. Split time between New Leaf (Seth) and Eric’s shed. TBD who would groom in Middlebury–someone on FB expressed interest. 
  3. VMBA Strategic 5 Year Plan–Sue sent to board and it’s scheduled be finalized the week of Januiary 23rd.
  4. Prepping trails for Fat Bike Roundup at Rikert Jan 28.–Two social media posts; two email blasts still ready to go. VMBA is looking to create central depository for fat biking conditions. 
  5. Goals for 2023 discussed at November’s meeting 
    1. Bristol – A. Johnson Lumber
    2. 200+ members
    3. Targeted video for future landowners. Sue to contact VMBA and Northern Forest Center for their materials, if any.
    4. What can ACBC do for the youth team? ACBC should be a sponsor of the team with its emblem on the jerseys. 
    5. Have club host monthly group rides. Bryan Grundon  – ride/food
    6. More partnerships
    7. Move the meetings around – one in Vergennes and Bristol–Sue has a conflict with another organization’s board meeting from 5:30 – 7 pm. 

Treasurer’s Report

Assets: $21,399.47

Expenses: $132.75 to Maple Run Marketing

Income:  $3500 from VMBA Grant

All Money is now with the National Bank of Middlebury.  The M&T Bank account is closed.

Membership Report (No activity to report)

2022 (as of 12/31/22)2021
Primary Memberships/Individuals90 / 17480 / 161
Add-on Memberships/Individuals15 / 2021 / 31

Social Media Report – Alan Hebert 

Alan reported that there’s been great traction with posts on FB and Insta for the pump track, snowdog, and fatbike roundup. A few more likes as a result. Another fatbike will go out 1/18. Alan will use 2022 accomplishments for more upcoming posts and make a video. Alan to tag other groups, such as Rikert and Frog Hollow Bikes,  so they cross post.

Middlebury College – Alex Takoudes

Alex reported that the club is currently figuring out jerseys and sponsors for its upcoming season. He’ll provide update on slalom track at next meeting. A work day will be scheduled to include Midd students. 

Trails Report Middlebury – Andrew Hirsch 

Andrew reported: In late December I met with John Derrick from MALT to discuss a reroute on the steep climb just west of the Belden’s suspension bridge on the TAM.  He and I found a suitable spot that will be better for bikes and ultimately walkers too.  This could be a spring trail project on a scheduled work day. Some sidehill benching will be required with shovels.   Good project for students–about 15 needed. 

The windstorm that occurred at the end of 2022 caused an incredible amount of damage to the trails in the form of downed trees.  We first focused attention on the main TAM trails on Chipman, Battell and Means woods.  We have since moved on to the singletrack in these three areas.  The clean up is ongoing and we will be able to declare victory very soon.  At this point, a large downed Beech tree remains at the top of Eastcoast on Chipman Hill and a small section of Sidewinder needs to be cleared too.  Crown Royal needs saw work as well.

Malt has been clearing trees as well and the out of town Tam trails ( Belden’s, Wright Park, Jackson Trail etc…) are cleared of downfall as well.

The trails are riding well again!  

The no raking experiment on the town trails is showing many positive results. 

Observations: The leaves are protecting the soil from tires during the freeze thaw cycles during this mild winter with little snow.  The leaves are also protecting the soil from rain events. There has been enough rider traffic to knock the air out of the leaves and the trails have been very visible and easy to follow. 

Andrew stated he and others have logged about 25 hours in volunteer time. 

Electric chainsaw needs replacing which can be purchased at Costco for $180. Batteries from old saw will fit the new. Andrew will take care of buying; get reimbursement from Carl. 

Andrew made a motion to buy a new saw; Alan seconded; unanimously approved. 

Trails Report Moosalamoo – Ashar Nelson 

Ashar reported that the Oak Ridge trail needs lots of work. The landowner agreement with the Bagnulos  has been completed, though they haven’t responded. Ashar will follow-up with them. He’s meeting with trailbuilder this week for the Connector Trail. It looks likely that it’ll be completed in 2023 but bridges may have to wait a while FS engineering delays. 

Trails Report BristolSeth Beck – no report

Trails Report Vergennes – Ben Hatch

Ben reported there was a little wind damage from the pre-Christmas storm but damage has been sawed and removed. There will be a new draft agreement with the city of Vergennes in February. No decision re: parking lot.


  • Fat Bike Roundup at Rikert: January 28th with January 29th as an alternate date. 
    • Six registrations as of Jan 17th
    • Alan has posted to social media channels
    • Sue has posted to area calendars
    • Sue has posted to FPF–asked board members to post in their communities
    • Email blast sent on Jan 9th; two more to follow


  • Make a few updates to the website re: club history/roots, remove mention of Middlebury Bike Club, add section for landowners under Trails page. 
  • Logo update? Sue to ping Seth about his shirt and logo ideas
  • Sue to research an online store for tech shirts, such as VMBA, Voler, Louis Garneau


March 21, 2023 (no meeting in February)


Ben made a motion to adjourn; George seconded; unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 8 pm. 

Parking lot:

  • Tech shirts
  • Host in-person VMBA meeting

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