July 2020 Board Meeting Notes

Board Members:        

Eric Berg, PresidentAnika Heilweil – Midd College Liaison
Carl Robinson, Vice PresidentAshar Nelson, Treasurer
Andrew Hirsch, Trail BossAriel Kent, Social Media
Jeff TaylorMike Leydon, Membership
Scott Hardy, Vergennes
Others in attendance: John Peters, Mark Bowman George Lawrence, Alan Hebert

Virtual and physical meeting attendees in bold.Note taker; Andrew
Seth Beck, Bristol


Public Comments-

John Peters is wondering about the Vergennes project and would like to learn from the process. He will contact Scott directly.

President’s Report – 

Management Plan for the parks in Middlebury is still needed. 

MALT work has been going on  in Wright park with an emphasis of laying gravel in wet and rooty areas.

Jackson Trail – need to do a work day.

Will be Working on by-laws with Ashar to present to the board and members.  The By-Laws would cover elections, positions etc…

Treasurer’s Report – Money Items, Grants, Fundraising

Nothing new.

Membership Report 

59 memberships

100 people including families.  Down a bit from prior years.

Boost membership?  

Mid season newsletter?

End of season party?  September for outside gathering?

Social Media Report – All things Digital

If you have content suggestions let Ariel know.

communication sooner is best!

Email minutes asap to members

Two email blasts a month would be ideal.  

Trails Report Middlebury– 

Work Days – Aug 8, sept 12

Jackson trail work day needed to open up to bikes.  This will be our first session on the 8th.

Andrew will assign/ make a choice list of  sections to prune to memberships and board members.  

Trails Report Moosalamoo – A few trees down on Chandler and Leicester Hollow

Ashar will give a report on the Oakridge project at a later date.

Trails Report Bristol – Here is the update from New Leaf – 

  • We will be having an official trail building day this Saturday from 9-12. June 18
  • We continue to collect funds from the returnable can basket at the VBT facility and have added a grip of all metal tools that have already been put to good use.
  • We refurbished and improved two of the bigger existing berms to help with a few dead spots in the flow.  The first is the Shelbow (the long sweeping left that ends in a rock ride). The second is the steep tight left that comes off of the cliff. This is a massive improvement as it now has a legit pocket and you can carry speed into it. The goal is to add some rollers after each that can be pumped to further help with the flow.
  • The new trail from the mid station to the parking lot is underway (shown in orange below). We have done basic clearing (trees, limbs, leaves) for the top 2/3, three total corners. The duff is off and basic shaping is complete through the exit of the first corner. The next corner (a right) will be another big berm similar to the Shelbow (the berm up top that ends in a rock ride). Between that berm and the third corner we will be putting some form of a structure to navigate a bit of ledge. We are a bit behind where I would have liked to be, but then any progress this summer is worth celebrating. I think we can move pretty quickly through the next two corners. Once complete, we will assess the flow to determine how to route the rest. I think realistically we are looking at mid September to have it ready. That will coincide with the prime riding weather and if the world is stable, we may be able to have an official opening.  

Trails Report Vergennes– Planning and Operations

Almost there!  Nice going Scott!!

Final stages..Attorney needed to look over the MOU.  

Four weeks we will have it ready to go to start building the trail.  

We will wait for full approval before trail day.  

$4000 to spend on construction.  Signs needed at ends.  

 Upcoming Events

Special Projects 

Tuesday at 5 from FHB- Women’s ride.

Thursday Group rides at 5 from the shop.

Every other Sunday- travel MTB days..  Waterbury this week. Contact the shop for more details.


George proposes more college engagement. 

Fat Bike Roundup Planning! This is the time. Eric will pursue this. George is interested in summer maintenance for fat bike trails at Rikert.  

Monthly Board Meeting – Second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM, at Frog Hollow Bikes, unless another location is advertised. August 11 is the next meeting date..

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