June 2020 Board Meeting Notes

Board Members:        

Eric Berg, PresidentAnika Heilweil – Midd College Liaison
Carl Robinson, Vice PresidentAshar Nelson, Treasurer
Andrew Hirsch, Trail BossAriel Kent, Social Media
Jeff TaylorMike Leydon, Membership
Scott Hardy, Vergennes
Others in attendance:

Virtual meeting attendees in bold.Note taker; Andrew
Seth Beck, Bristol


Public Comments None

President’s Report – 

Treasurer’s Report – Money Items, Grants, Fundraising

Nothing new.

Membership Report 

Sign Up with VMBA and encourage others to do so as well!

People have been signing up!

57 people on the list at this point.

Social Media Report – All things Digital

Photoshoot with Graham and Ariel this weekend for content. Website looks great!

Trails Report Middlebury– Planning and Operations

Signs on High Power

Malt partnership with no new trails.  How do we manage it?  

Communication about no new trails. 

Management plan needed with no new expansion.

Make Crown Royal official with a plan to take care of it.

The town needs a town management plan.  How do we get this first before we can move forward.  Conservation commission is working on a plan.  

What do we do about braiding of trails?  Trails are getting easier?!

Strategy for moving forward with how we decide things in the future. Management plan needed.

Signs- stop building!  Need permission. Jeff and Carl will work on.

Trails Report Moosalamoo – Friday planning session with Tom and Ashar. No start date on build. Replacing a bridge on Oak Ridge.  Moosalamoo project.  Rk Miles donating the stringers. The rest of materials coming out of Blueberry Hill trail network.

Later in the summer on the ridge a trail day will be required.

Trails Report Bristol – Planning and Operations

Phase one complete. Next step is laying out the final downhill to the farm.  Trail work days will occur Saturdays 9-12 and Wednesdays, 5-7 P.M.. End of July grand opening! Tools to New Leaf!  Phase 3- beginner and low intermediate.  Pump track? 

Bike Library-  striders, 1 medium, 1 Large and 1-12 inch wheel bike.  Strava art design project in the works!  Bike camp will begin- 10 kids!  Sold out! Pop up clinics will start too.  Wireless mic to help with distancing. Membership drive- outdoor movie?  Meredith will propose some dates.

Trails Report Vergennes– Planning and Operations

City manager turnover has led to some challenges  DRB- flagged construction said “need approval.”  Now we have an insurance issue.  VMBA protects on private land but not on public land. Finally working through.  VMBA will list Vergennes on policy. DRB meeting on June 15 to clarify. 

The trails have been flagged and are ready for building.  . 

We will build trails first and then deal with parking.

 Upcoming Events


Seth- trail work dates

Midd dates!

Special Projects


Covid signs at Kiosks

Do not congregate

Info for trail users at some trail heads.

Monthly Board Meeting – Second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM, at Frog Hollow Bikes, unless another location is advertised. July 14.

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